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Helarb Group is an industrial financial partner providing key support for company development...

Our investment criteria


- Investment in non-listed companies with revenues ranging from €10m to 50m

- Established and profitable businesses with attractive development perspectives (e.g. growth, products, consolidation, etc.)

- All sectors (traditional industries, Business to Business services) - preferably niche markets - excluding real estate and venture capital (e.g. e-business, biotech)

- Geographical focus on Switzerland, France and Germany

- Transaction structures:

    * Buy out (LBO/MBO/OBO/MBI) or growth capital to fund organic growth

    * Controlling stake (> 51%) or leader among a group of majority investors

Our investment strategy


- Value creation through operational improvements and implementation of commonly recognized good corporate governance practices, as well as defining a mid to long term strategic roadmap for the investee company

- Adhesion and support to the project by the management team of the investee company is required. In addition, key managers of the investee company are invited to invest alongside Helarb Group

- Perspective of a medium / long term investment period in order to build long term value

- Reasonably leveraged transactions: approx. 60% equity in order to preserve resources for the investee company’s development

- Entreprise value of investments between €10m to €50m 

​Modus Operandi and Added Value by Helarb Group


- Helarb Group focuses on assisting the investee companies’ Senior Management in many aspects of their development objectives (corporate governance, strategic agenda, etc..)

- Extensive and relevant experience in operating, managing and expanding businesses, in domestic and international environments

- Ability to source and integrate strategic add-on acquisitions (e.g. diversification, vertical integration, market consolidation) or cross fertilization abroad

- Hands-on practice of business development in Europe (including Central and Eastern Europe), GCC countries, North  America and Asia (China)

- Expertise in strategic and financial engineering

- Access to additional capital for development if required

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