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Helarb Group's Advisory Committee

- The Helarb Group Advisory Committee is located in Luxembourg

- A number of members of the Investor Group constitute the Advisory Committee of the Helarb Fund, which is in close and frequent contact with the General Partner of the fund

- The members of the Investor Group are entrepreneurs owning and managing industrial and commercial operations in their respective countries, with exposure to the automotive, luxury goods, capital goods and consumer goods industries. Helarb Fund benefits from their direct private equity and management experiences

- The members of  the Investor Group are duly and lawfully declared to all regulatory authorities or agencies concerned in all pertinent jurisdictions as required

- The members of  the Investor Group have business, financial and also personal ties to Europe (e.g. residences in Switzerland, France and Germany)


Helarb Management S.A.’s Professional Team

- Helarb Management S.A. (HMSA) is located in Lausanne (Switzerland) and is acting as the Service provider for the Helarb Group including administration, finance, sourcing of potential acquisitions and LBO structuring

- HMSA’s Professional Team is composed of professionals who have extensive experience in private equity investments and is in frequent contact with the Group representatives

- The Professional Team brings a set of competences and expertise that encompass the following:

       * functional expertise: operation improvement, controlling and financial management, M&A transaction  execution, strategic planning, corporate governance, HR process and dynamics

       * industry expertise: automotive, luxury goods, capital goods, healthcare and consumer goods industries

       * geographical exposure and business development experiences in EU, Eastern Europe, USA, Asia (China) and MEA (Gulf States)

- HMSA’s Professional Team is committed to work together with Senior Management of the investee company in order to fully and sustainably develop its potential

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