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Helarb Investments is a Luxemburg based Investment company ("Helarb Group") established in 2003 with an investment focus on:

 * small and medium sized businesses (industrial

    and service companies with revenues between

    €10m and 50m) demonstrating a successful

    track record and strong development potential

    (growth, profitability, etc.)

 * located in Continental Europe with a focus on

    Switzerland, France and Germany


Helarb Group is backed by a longstanding and successful group of investors. This Investor Group was established in 1982 and since then has jointly and successfully completed 21 investments in Europe

Get your company on the path to success

with the best financial partner


We enrolled the best talents to serve you in building your success story...

  • Watch Industry

  • Industrial Equipment


Helarb Group’s investment philosophy focuses on aligning interests of senior management in building long-term value of the investee companies; Helarb Fund supports the company’s management in the strategic and the operational development of the business

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